The creation of a Robbins Wolfe party begins with the first conversation. We begin to ‘explore.’ Who are you inviting? What are you commemorating? Where is your dream locale?


The conversation may go something like this… “Hey Chris, I’m throwing a surprise birthday party for my wife. I want it to be extra special and meaningful. One of our greatest memories together was the last night of our honeymoon at a luau on the Big Island. Do you think a luau is tacky?”

Or like this… “Ken, Please help! My parents are pressuring us to have a more traditional wedding but we want to do something casual, maybe on the beach. I absolutely love your beach venues. How can we convince my mother?”

No concept is ever tacky when it comes from fond memories. It’s our job to take your concept and deliver it with taste and panache. It is our job to balance a bride’s wants with her parents’ goals (demands). We find that perfect fit, the right balance—it’s what we were born to do, we live for it.

Nothing we do is cut from a mold. Not a wedding, an anniversary dinner or an annual gala, and especially not our menus. Every ‘taste’ is a creation, a presentation of your personality.

Isn’t it terrific that at 11 PM on the night of the gala, our client is booking us for next year? She may not know the theme yet, but she knows next year’s event will be different. It has to be. What she does know is that with us, her food and service will be on point, that our chef will be creative and that her planning will be as effortless as possible.