“Cirque du Country Day” Catered by Robbins Wolfe

April 16, 2016

A highlight of our annual spring event calendar includes the Greenwich Country Day School gala, which took place on April 16 in an enormous tent on the school grounds. Nearly 800 parents, alumni and faculty attended this year’s fine benefit! Robbins Wolfe waiters served a Farmstand Salad of Mixed Lettuces in our signature cucumber collar, Grilled Tenderloin of Beef with Gremolata and Port Wine Demi, and a Dessert Teaser Plate of Chocolate Pot-au-Créme with Skewers of Fresh Fruit followed by butler-passed Mini Sweets and Treats cotton candy pops and mint chocolate chip ice cream cones. For the event, The Stamford Tent Company installed a huge, almost square tent, but the clever décor committee draped the edges to create the illusion that tent was round, and Stamford built a custom circular dance floor in the center allowing for the dining to be “in the round” – a real feat of décor mastery! Complementing this unique interior was the décor committee’s attention to detail, at once lavish and sophisticated, but done on a school benefit budget! The impressive lighting scheme brought the décor full circle, highlighting the theme of “Cirque du Country Day.”